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About Me:

Fambo is a believer in the Spirits Guidance, Angels, Guidance from the universe and God. He believes that all people have the power to improve their lives for the Better and that each person has the key to open new doors and opportunities to better their own future as-well as to have a better Chakra Balance for a better Today and Tomorrow.

All that people need to do is harness the proper energy through his Crystals and Fambo’s Special hand made candles, Bath Salts & Aroma Therapy.

Fambo also has experienced offerings for Mediation Sessions and for over 15 Years, he has been harnessing divine energy for clients, providing them with unparalleled psychic services. Fambo is pleased to do the same for you. Get in contact with him today to see how you can begin working together.

Let him Help you find your Path & Destiny to your True Happiness. Fambo knows ALL the Answers to your Questions

Dr. Fambo was Born with this amazing gift and was born with a Special Psychic Veil, in a mark on his body. At a very young age of 7 years old, Fambo started getting visions about her Friends & Family. Being very young, Fambo was concerned and well a little scared, so he went to his Grandmothers home and told her what was going on with his visions of seeing his family and friends future so Fambo’s Grandmother came to him and she said “My Child don’t be Frightened you are a True Gifted Psychic from the spirits and the Gods. I always knew you had the Gift. I was waiting for you to come to me when you are grown up and ready”

Ever since that time Fambo has never looked back and with the guidance of his Grandmother at the time he started Helping various people through there Journey of Life. He has managed to carry on this legacy of his great ancestors up until this day.


                                                                                       Contact Me ;

                                                                            Whatsapp :+256759822098

                                                                 Email : drfambospellcasters@gmail.com

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I declay this to general population, our spiritual healer service are not available to any person or individuals under age (18 years and above). Take precaution, our spiritual healing and psychic are traditional based, I dont pay refunds to unfinished work. This is not science based and this means the results may vary accordingly, spiritual powers works in a very different mysterious ways that may be difficult to be understand by everyone. Use this site content and service on you own risk because we dont have completely authorities to change your life but with God's grace you can achieve your best desirable goals.
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