wiccan blessings for a marriage that work

wiccan blessings for a marriage that work

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Have you ever used or heard of Wiccan blessings for a marriage that works? We take oaths seriously and consider marriage vows to be such. Most Wiccans will utilize the Hand Fasting ceremony to solemnize their unions.

Wicca does not have a centralized governing body, so each group needs to develop its own way of interpreting the Wiccan laws.

Much depends upon the lineage of the group and the discretion of the current High Priestess and High Priest of the group. Some groups recognize any and all partner bonds, regardless of the gender or number of partners involved and some do not.

As for the legal validity of Wiccan marriages, these vary from state to state and have more to do with marriage licenses than Wiccan beliefs

Weddings are beautiful and meaningful ceremonies for Pagans just like for everybody else. A Wiccan prayer can promote the blessing of the marriage that is being celebrated, wishing the happy couple a good start and a strong path full of togetherness.

Save this blessing for an upcoming wedding, dedicate it to a couple who is just getting married or one that’s celebrating the renewal of many years in love.

Feel free to modify and re-use this Wiccan poem in any way you wish and for any purpose, such as a gift for you and your loved one to chant a Wiccan prayer together.

Wiccan poem for a Wedding

Laugh, and dance, and drink the wine outpoured.

In the dear green earth, blessed by the Lady and the Lord.

May both be consecrated with the strength of the skies.

With the brightness of the Moon, and the warmth of the Sun.

With the splendor of fire and the speed of lightning,

The depth of the sea, the vigor of the wind,

The stability of the earth and the endurance of rock.

Like fruit in the summer, your love is bursting forth.

United by the quarters: East, South, West, and North.

May your love grow without end, as the sacred circle that is a wedding ring.

A symbol of the power contained within your hearts.

A true relationship is patient and kind, generous and trusting,

and true love protects and perseveres through each season of life.

Blessed be this union,

Today and every day,

May joy fill every room

With sunlight or rain.

rituals of a traditional Wiccan marriage

wiccan blessings for a marriage that work

In the Wiccan Tradition, the ritual can be very formal involving the casting of a ceremonial circle; the use of magical tools, and an honoring to the specific Goddesses and Gods of the ‘tradition’.

It can, however, be less ritualized, but would generally still be ‘within’ a sacred space defined for the purpose of the ceremony.

The form of words used and the specifics of the ritual are generally subject to discussion between the couple and the celebrant(s) (Priestess and Priest).

There is generally the binding of the hands of the couple (similar to that seen in Catholic weddings where the Priest wraps a stole around the couple’s hands).

In Wicca, this ‘binding’ is not a binding of servitude by a joining of spirits.

The binding can be made from silk or rope and very often is in colors chosen by the couple. Some choose to have a plait of three different colored ropes, and the plait can be completed as part of the ceremony or as a meditation prior to the rite.

A besom, broom, is often used to ritually sweep (cleanse) the area where the bride and groom will walk (clearing a path to their future) and space where they have walked (sweeping away the difficulties of the past).

The same broom is used for the couple to jump over (jumping the broomstick) to seal their vows. The besom has connotations of fertility. The ‘male’ broom handle and the ‘feminine’ brush.

In some ceremonies the couple may also jump over a fire, again representing cleansing and renewal.

Some traditions use the form of words which holds that the union is ‘for a year and day’, a Celtic tradition, or ‘for as long as love shall last’

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