Pregnancy Spells
Pregnancy spells that work effectively 1

Pregnancy spells that work effectively

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Pregnancy spells that work effectively, help infertility at women & men with maternity spells that work. Fertility spells to cure infertility in females& to stimulate the woman’s eggs, Insure that sexual intercourse happens within the luteal period to ensure that you get pregnant & all these are attained with the use of pregnancy spells.

A Pregnancy spell all by itself will not conceive a child. You still have to have sex, and it helps to monitor your cycle and know when you’re ovulating. All the usual stuff.

How to perform a pregnancy spell

A spell I have given some couples includes a green candle, essential oil of lavender, (rose is better but too expensive), an incense made of cinnamon and Poppy seeds, and a condom.

Start the incense burning on a small brick of coal. Anoint the candle with the oil. Use the tip of a knife to inscribe the purpose of the spell on the candle. Light the candle and set it near the bed.

Your condom should be reservoir end, and NOT have spermicide. Slice off the reservoir end with your knife. Hold the condom so that the smoke from the incense passes through the hole. Roll the condom onto the erect penis.

Extinguish the candle with a snuffer or pinch it out. (Do not blow it out.) If the coal is still burning, dispose of it safely.

there are other ways that are very helpful. Blessed black corn kernels, blessed black beans, and blessed wheat, buckwheat, and oat groats are helpful, especially if kept in one’s traditional ancestral seed pot or seed jar.

Use an experienced spell caster

Pregnancy spells that work effectively

Do not let someone do a free fertility spell for you. They can give you free fertility advice or recommend a spell for you to do, but don’t let them do the spell for free. They are not doing it for a good purpose

Since the Ancestors are the main ones in charge of forming and releasing a soul for a child, they are the ones to go to about it.

You only really need a spell caster if there is some physical problem that has no medical solution or if you popped up with divination that said the Ancestors have a problem with your choice of partner.

Sometimes the problem is that a long time ago, some protection was placed on one of your Ancestors to prevent violation or children being born from violations by people from an enemy group. If these protections were not nullified or updated, they could still be affecting you.

For example, I have encountered some Europeans whose families had protections against the Romans. There are some Slavic people who have active protections done against Germans from just one or two generations ago. Everyone has a bit of the divine in them, and some blessings can stick…even when they are no longer blessings.

While casting Pregnancy spells, barrenness spells, and fertility spells, we use certain words that we refer to as cants. These are words from our great ancestors. There are several spiritual sayings and cants that are normally employed to cast such spells.

I will employ different chants depending on the need and as guided by my ancestors. My chants are special and are deemed to give fast and reliable results.

They differ according to what the goal is. For the all Pregnancy, barrenness, and fertility witchcraft spells that guarantee fast and reliable results contact me for chants that are used to call upon any type of child you want to come into your life. The calling is given respect and it will be guided by powers of my great ancestors.

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