Custom Spells
Powerful Custom Spells for you.

Powerful Custom Spells for you

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From the perspective of an African Wiccan High Priest who is also a Witch with powerful custom spells for you. I will do my best to provide you with all the spells and answers to the most difficult problems in this world

The way I personally treat the types of spells out there can be divided into 3 categories at most. Private, Public, & Coven ( which are usually private within a select group, a coven, circle, or whatever.

Sure there are spells that are ceremonial, some that are utilitarian, and spells that are for ritual use. It’s just that for me, I have always had my own way of doing things and this is what I have settled on.

There are Spells of Dedication, which are incredibly important to the Wiccan/Witch. This is a Ritual and Spell where we dedicate our lives to the chosen Tradition and Our Goddess and God, as applicable.

some of the different types of spells

Powerful Custom Spells for you.
Powerful Custom Spells for you.


There are Wiccaning or ‘Saining’ Rituals which include Spells of Blessings for our babies.

There are Handfasting Rituals which include Spells of Blessings for couples who are dedicating their lives to each other in marriage.

There are Handparting Rituals which include spells to dissolve and end the Blessings of the Handfasting when couples are parting ways.

There are Spells of Binding which prevent a person or group from causing Harm to others or the environment.

Then there is the Karma Reflection Spell which returns Karmic energies related to a Person causing Harm. This Spell is designed to return a Witch’s Spell back upon them to cause them Karmic damage!

For the non-Wiccan Witch, there are Negative or Dark Magick Spells intended to cause Harm in a ‘no-holds-barred’ assault upon an individual where the Witch has decided to deal with any potential Karmic Blow-Back on their own terms!

(Many refer to these Spells as ‘Black Magick’, however this is an archaic approach with racist connotations in that ‘White is Good’ and ‘Black is Bad’! In my tradition we refer to our Spells ad ‘Dark’ or ‘Bright’ as in the phases of the Moon!)

There are Spells of Protection intended to reflect, absorb or neutralize Dark or Negative Spells intended to cause Harm.

There are also Energy Spells such as performed by a Stormwitch. In this case, the Stormwitch will draw down a portion of the storm’s energy and use it to turn the course of the storm or to cause other physical changes in the world or perhaps to cause an impact in the life of self or other.

For the Wiccan, we believe that spells which cause unethical unjustifiable harm will result in a form of Karma which John Lennon referred to as ‘Instant Karma’ so the ‘Dark’ or Negative Spells mentioned above are typically shunned by Wiccans as the ‘Karmic Reflection or Blowback’ is hardly worth the effort.

This Instant Karma of ours also results in a positive Karmic Reflection for Bright Magick.

Thus, you can quickly see, that Magick Spells in the real world, are nothing like in ‘Potterworld’. It is not a game and people can be injured by spells designed to Cause Harm but can be Blessed by spells intended to Lift Up and the Witch is left to deal with the Karmic Reflections of their intentions and actions!

more about powerful custom spells for you

This is a unique and special self-made spell to meet the desires of the remanded. Custom spells are the best kind of spells as they give us exactly what we request.

With the experience I have with custom spells, I am able to manipulate and combine different spells, magical symbols, and drawings plus the use of elements or plants and animals that are representative and useful in resolving that problem.

Custom spells may require proper planning as sometimes it could go wrong, and they are documented in a grimmer or witch book if it meets a need.

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